Filterbot aims to be your new front-page for learning about the world.

Quality content
We collect news and essays from high-quality publications, with emphasis on topics like Tech, Science, Philosophy, Coding, and World Events.
Customized feed
When you vote, you influence how often we show you certain feeds and topics. The more you vote, the better your feed will be!
Rich discussion
We provide links to relevant discussions in popular social-media sites, such as Reddit and Hackernews.
Fresh content
Our bots work around the clock to always bring you the latest articles. Most of the items you'll see are from today.

How does the customization algorithm work?

Every time you vote for an item, you indirectly vote for its feed. A thumbs-up means you will see more of that feed, while a thumbs-down means you will see less of it. Downvote a feed enough times, and you won't see it at all.

Using your votes and a few secret heuristics (it's just hard to explain, really), we aim to provide you with the articles that are best for you.

Note: We use your votes for customization only. We do not expose your data to any 3rd party.

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