What is Filterbot?

Filterbot is a new take on the social news feed.

We show each of our users a feed tailored to their particular taste, based on their vote history, using an innovative algorithm inspired by word-vectors.
Our bots work around the clock to bring you the latest items, as soon as they are published, from a diverse collection of news sites and magazines.
In addition to our in-site discussions, we provide links to discussions in other social media sites (when possible).

How does it work?

Our algorithm extracts features for every item you vote on (either for or against), and uses those features to update the weights of your interest-profile.

It then applies that profile to all available news items, assigns each one of them a score, and finally compiles a feed that is uniquely suited for you.

Every user sees a different feed, compiled especially for him / her!

Hint: The more you vote, the better your feed will be!

Note: We use your votes for personalization only. We do not expose your data to any 3rd party.

Why another social news site?

Social news aggregators (such as Reddit) are a huge step forward compared to traditional news sites. They provide free discussion, diverse content, spam filtering, and most importantly, a community.

However, they also have unaddressed problems: It's hard to find unpopular subjects, the majority opinion tends to drown out the rest (the hivemind effect), and while they are very good at filtering out the bad, they often fail to filter out the mediocre, especially as they get bigger.

Filterbot is our attempt to address these problems.

What about the Filter Bubble?

A filter bubble occures when a personalization algorithm separates users from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles.

Our algorithm at Filterbot focuses on filtering out topics that our users don't find interesting, but we make no attempt to filter out differing opinions. In fact, we aim for a diverse collection of feeds, that will provide a more complete picture of our world.

Who are you?

My name is Erez Shinan. I'm a coder and a hacker, and the sole developer behind Filterbot. I started Filterbot because I want to contribute to humanity's greatest invention: The Internet.

Check out my github page at: https://github.com/erezsh

List of sources (152 total)

These are the sources Filterbot currently collects items from. If you own one of them and wish to be removed from Filterbot, send us an email.
Feed Main Topic Items / Week
2daygeek linux 2.9
Aeon any 10.2
AI Weekly ai 0.4
Al Jazeera (English) global news 185.4
American Songwriter music 15.5
A&R Factory music 35.8
arseface's feed 27.1
Ars Technica - Features any 3.3
Ars Technica - Gaming & Culture gaming 21.2
Ars Technica - Science science 23.2
Ars Technica - Tech tech 22.1
Astronomy Picture of the Day Astronomy 7.1
Atlas Obscura travel 113.9
At Length any 0.5
Bitcoin News cryptocurrency 59.6
bit-tech hardware 23.2
Brain Pickings books 2.6
CNBC - Gaming gaming 4.7
CoinDesk cryptocurrency 74.5
Coin Telegraph cryptocurrency 91.8
Commonweal - Books books 1.9
Communications of the ACM tech 11.8
Computing in Science & Engineering tech 0.4
Daily Source global news 92.9
Dancing Astronaut music 111.0
Design4Emergence entrepreneurship 0.2
Digg - Long Reads any 41.4
Digg- Science science 37.2
Digg - Tech tech 274.2
Digg - Top any 33.5
Digital Trends tech 320.7
Discover science 17.8
DIY music 90.6
Drowned In Sound music 14.6
EDM Sauce music 98.1
Elements science 1.5
embedded programming 4.5
Emerging Indie Bands music 23.4
Engadget tech 243.3
Entertainment Weekly entertainment 330.4
Environmental Leader environment 14.9
erez's feed 0.4
Evonomics economics 1.2
FACT music 34.1
Futurism any 95.9
Giant Bomb gaming 0.4
Global Voices global news 25.9
Hacker News any 169.1
Hacker News Bulletin hacking 2.0
Hacking News hacking 0.1
HackRead hacking 13.3
[H]ardOCP hardware 71.8
Hazlitt any 3.5
HearYa music 3.8
HighClouds pop music 20.2
IEEE Spectrum tech 27.5
IML music 0.2
Indie Music Filter music 0.9
Indie Shuffle music 0.2
Inference science 0.6
It's Nice That art 57.7
Kings of A&R music 5.6
Kotaku gaming 19.9
Lambda the Ultimate programming 1.1
Latest Hacking News hacking 46.9
Liliputing tech
Linux Journal linux 5.3
Literary Hub books 56.4
Little White Lies tv 14.3
Lobsters - AI, ML ai 6.1
Lobsters - Programming programming 32.4
Longform any 22.6
Metro - gaming gaming 35.0
MIT Technology Review tech 36.2
Mosaic Science science 0.6
Narratively any 4.2
National Geographic nature 26.5
Nautilus any 8.8
NEST HQ music 29.4
Neuroscience News science 46.5
New Scientist science 50.8
NPR Books books 24.7
NY Times - Arts entertainment 168.0
NY Times - Homepage any 16.4
NY Times - Science science 27.0
NY Times - Sports sports 75.9
NY Times - Tech tech 30.9
NY Times - World world news 129.4
OpenAI Blog machine learning 0.7
Open Source For You linux 11.5
Outside sports 46.8
Physics Today science 17.8
Polygon gaming 112.2
Popjustice pop music 2.7
ProPublica any 12.5
Public Books any 6.7
Quanta philosophy 4.1
Reddit - ListenToThis (Top) music 223.8
Reddit - Programming (Top) code 237.3
Reuters - Art art 5.9
Reuters - Entertainment entertainment 29.6
Reuters - Most Read any 0.1
Reuters - Science science 5.3
Reuters - Sports sports 139.0
Reuters - Technology tech 143.0
Reuters - World world news 463.8
Science Daily science
Spin entertainment 131.7
Stereogum music 139.1
Techdirt tech 39.0
Techmeme tech 145.0
TechSpot tech 92.6
Terrorizer music 1.2
TFT Central hardware 0.3
The American Scholar any 6.4
The Appendix history 0.1
The Atlantic (Best Of) any 2.2
The Baffler politics 8.0
The Conversation - Articles any 5.0
The Conversation - News any 0.5
The Guardian any 178.5
The New Inquiry culture 2.7
The New Yorker - Books books 0.1
The New Yorker - Culture culture 10.7
The New Yorker - News world news 2.9
The New Yorker - Sporting Scene sports 2.9
The New Yorker - Tech tech 29.9
The Outline any 15.1
The Pudding visualization 0.7
The Rumpus - Art art 0.2
The Rumpus - Books books 7.4
The Rumpus - Music music 1.6
The Smart Set any 2.0
The SSD Review hardware 1.2
The Tech Report - Articles hardware 16.6
The Wild Honey Pie music 3.0
Tiny Mix Tapes - Film film 0.2
Tiny Mix Tapes - Music music 50.6
TrueReddit (Top) any 126.5
Uncut music 12.9
Undark science 6.7
Under the Radar music 68.5
Vice any 115.7
Victory Journal sports 1.1
Village Voice any 41.4
Wccftech hardware 192.5
Wikinews any 4.8
Wild ML ml
Wired any 80.1
XLR8R music 45.0
Xune Mag music 5.5
Your EDM any 108.7

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